Self portrait as a young unicorn - art by Doodleslice


It is my alter-ego, my nom de plume or perhaps I should say my nom de doodle.

The name was bestowed upon me in a casual way by my friend Sarah Bray who finished a text one day with a pithy “Catch you later Doodle-slice”. It was just one of those sort of silly shout-out moments in a Facebook post – a twist on the colloquial “homeslice”. I doubt that she intended or expected the name to stick, but stick it did. Perhaps because I love doodling so much, almost as much as I love slices of pizza. Ever since that day I’ve been signing my artwork with “doodleslice” on the front and my very, very, scribbly signature on the back. People started calling me Doodleslice or just “Doodles”. Mom still calls me David.

But Doodleslice is more than just a fun nickname to me – it is also the hat I wear when I’m in the studio letting my creative juices flow. Well, maybe less of a hat and more of a frame of mind – a permission slip – my reminder to have fun, be yourself and cut through the b.s. whenever you can.

So that’s all there is to it. If you still want to learn a little more about me, I’m totally flattered. Just take a peek at my “it’s me” page on my Equation Arts website. Thanks!

p.s. I got my art superpowers one fateful day in college. No, I wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider. Instead I ran full steam to catch a frisbee and caught an oak tree instead – true story. I think the concussion shook up my math major brain and juiced up my creative circuits. Who knows? But ever since then art has been my passion.