Nocturnes by Doodleslice is a collection of NFTs minted from original digital paintings in my Nocturnes series.

The work is primarily abstract with a somber color palette. Imagery from mobiles and plants are the main sources of inspiration. The emotions portrayed range from meditative to anxious to solemn isolation.

These works are available on OpenSea as NFTs. The original images minted in the NFTs are each 4000 x 3333 px.

Prints are available courtesy of Fine Art America. Artwork is also available for purchase on selected merchandise.


Nocturne with Spiky Leaves

A cycle of growth and decay. Spiky leaves sprout, grow, and fall prey to the breeze. This entry from the Nocturne series counter-plays bright leaves, pointy and cartoon-like, against soft ethereal backdrop. Digital painting by Doodleslice.

NFT on OpenSea | Prints on Fine Art America


Stabile Nocturne

Stabile Nocturne evokes the form of a kinetic sculpture, inspired the works of modern artist Alexander Calder. The mood is somber and evocative. Stoic and balanced in a peaceful composition. Original digital painting by Doodleslice aka David Cohen.

NFT on OpenSea | Prints on Fine Art America


Tangled Order

Tangled Order by Doodleslice (aka David Cohen) uses lace-like lines in a range of bright tones to counterpoint a dark brooding atmosphere. The paisley or amoeba-like forms seem chaotic, but are grouped in an orderly symmetry. Layer upon layer gives the image a feeling of age like the residue built up on an artist’s palette over time.

NFT on OpenSea | Prints on Fine Art America


Insomniac Mobile

Insomniac Mobile by Doodleslice (aka David Cohen) fits in the intersection of two series, the nocturnes and the surreal environments inspired by Alexander Calder’s mobiles. Being a chronic insomniac, I have endeavored to bring the sense of isolation and distress of the wakeful hours. The moody dark hues provide an atmosphere, which beckons the dreamer, without welcoming.

NFT on OpenSea | Prints on Fine Art America


Congestion - digital art by DoodlesliceThis darkly colorful digital piece takes inspiration from that unfortunate blockheaded feeling of congestion, both physically and emotionally. Striving to breath in a chaotic night world, testing the ability of our tender nature to adapt and find comfort.

NFT on OpenSea


Drowsy - Digital art by DoodlesliceAmbivalence, exhaustion, and desire are the moonlit colors of the night. Seeking comfort from our anxieties in physical escape or blissful withdrawal. A drowsy morning is anticipated in the alignment of angles but divergence of moods.

NFT on OpenSea

Somewhere Between Beginning and Ending

Somewhere Between Beginning and Ending - digital art by DoodlesliceMy original intention when making this piece was to just draw something light and simple, but sometimes there is just too much stirring inside and you have to let those feelings and emotions find their outlet. So instead of light simple, I ended up with this strange, nocturnal improvisation. Evocative of the classical myth of Leda and the Swan, swirling figurative forms overlap and layer in an ambiguous embrace. Caustic hues interplay with earthy stains in this digital canvas.

NFT on OpenSea