Asymmetric Trippy Dude
Available on OpenSea
The Asymmetric Trippy Dude is an exploration of psychedelic color applied with randomized elements to figurative form. The initial form was created as a 2D drawing then extruded in a 3D environment to create the animation in Blender. Video is 1920×1080 resolution and approximately 10 seconds. It is designed to loop seamlessly.

The Love Bather
Available on OpenSea
The Love Bather is a virtual sculpture displayed here in an imaginary museum. In the background, the sharp-eyed art enthusiast will be able to discern the blurred likenesses of Cot’s The Storm and Stanzione’s Judith with the Head of Holofernes, two of my favorite paintings from the Met.

Mind Full and Magnolias by Doodleslice
Available on OpenSea
A woman, burdened with many cares, finds herself in a chaotic, psychedelic field of magnolia blossoms.

Mind Full and Magnolias is a digital creation combining collage with hand drawn elements.

Pan's Retreat by Doodleslice
Available on OpenSea
Pan hides among blooming magnolias and giant orchids in a vibrant and strident landscape. His green skin glows, his natural camouflage betraying his presence in retreat.

Pan’s Retreat is a digital creation combining collage with hand drawn elements.

Cast and Trod - digital art by Doodleslice
Cast and Trod is available on OpenSea
Two figures of intersecting voids and curves formed with subtle gradient tones of mint, olive and lavender, cast patterned shadows in the forest scrim of a puppet stage. Frozen in a moment of a misplaced foot as one steps on the other who pins herself in restraint, or perhaps, disbelief.


Profile and Envelope, digital art by Doodleslice

still from 20 second video

Profile and Envelope is available on OpenSea

An unsettling arrangement of surreal figurative forms rendered in shirting hues against a turbulent background. Flanked by cartoon trees, the forms are enveloped in an environment which seems to swallow and repel them in the shifting pulses of light.

A digital exploration combining animation with hand drawn elements.

20 second looping video.


Misconceptions, Procrastination and Pets by Doodleslice
Misconceptions, Procrastination and Pets is available on OpenSea

A colorful melange of cartoon-like figures and animals interlock and interweave in a crowded yet pleasing composition.