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self-portrait as a young unicorn #doodle

2013-01-15 #1651 http://www.equationarts.com/2013/01/self-portrait-as-a-young-unicorn-doodle

self-portrait as bunny doodler #doodle

2013-01-07 #1645 Also titled – “Conjurer of Birds” Art matters. http://www.equationarts.com/2013/01/self-portrait-as-bunny-doodler-doodle

I’m weird and wonderful #doodle

2012-11-22 #1632 I’m weird and wonderful and so are my friends – and I’m truly grateful for you all. If only I were really this spry 😉 http://www.EquationArts.com/2012/11/im-weird-and-wonderful-doodle