One grump
Two grumps
Who needs any more?
One grump
Two grumps
Show them to the door.

Oh Mr. Vinegar, why must you be so sour?
Don’t you know life’s too short to grumble every hour?
Perhaps there is a cure for all your gloom and glower,
I prescribe skimming stones and a flower shower

Now don’t protest
It’s for the best
We must reverse your sneer
A single smile
Is just the style
You need from ear to ear

Wait a minute, I have a thought: have you met Ms. Ire?
Now don’t you snort, she’s just your sort: sharper than a wire
You’ll complain, she’ll disdain, like a couple forged by fire
One blind date could change your fate and loose your heart’s desire

One grump
Two grumps
All they needed was a shove
One grump
Two grumps
Now they’re grumps in love

By Doodleslice