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The Doodleslice Doodle Manifesto

I wrote this about a month ago originally thinking that it might be about four or five items in length. It’s now up to 37 and counting. The…

Keep Exploring

This is a painting by Patrick Cardinale, a friend from my days at Montclair State. Sadly, I lost touch with him somewhere over the years, but he was…

The Balance #doodle

2013-05-25 #1711 Confessions of a doodler #1: I often have difficulty reconciling the balance between love and money, passion and practicality. The original drawing, The Balance, is available…

When in Doubt Add Love #doodle

2013-05-22 #1710 I don’t know what these bunnies are cooking up, but it looks like love is the main ingredient. You can purchase the original of this doodle…

Lava Girl #doodle #doodlebomb

2013-05-15 #1708 I haven’t done a doodlebomb in a long time, but when Veronicah Cohen declared that her superhero name is Lava Girl, I just couldn’t resist.

Rough Cut Garden #doodle

2013-05-15 #1707 Rough Cut Garden is available for purchase on Etsy.

Monumental Embrace #doodle

2013-05-13 #1706 Love and hugs – what could be more worthy of a monument? “Monumental Embrace” is available on Etsy.

carries the jagged heart #doodle

2013-05-13 #1705 Carries the Jagged Heart A mysterious yet happy figure with golden hair carries the jagged heart on a sacred journey… Original drawing available on Etsy.