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it feels good #doodle

2012-11-27 #1634 Doodler’s secret #1: It feels good to feel good. Think about it.

keep a fire lit #doodle

2012-11-21 #1630 Ok. This one is a bit of a departure from my usual doodle, but I’ve seen so many of these variations on the old “Keep Calm…

the brave one #doodle

2012-11-13 #1623 Inside all of us is the potential to be a scared rabbit or a brave bunny. Be the brave one.

together, together #doodle

2012-11-07 #1618 Stand together, work together, with love, strength, pride and respect. TOGETHER.

It’s a drizzle #doodle

2012-11-06 #1617 Continuing my exploration of money seen through the lens of doodling. I just thought I would draw an image of money coming down like rain from…

I’m a GA Voter 2012 #doodle

2012-11-06 #1616 Voting is fun. You get to meet your neighbors and it feels good too.

Vote! It matters. #doodle

2012-11-05 #1615 VOTE! It matters. We may not agree on party or candidate, we may argue various virtues and flaws of the current process, but I hope we…

Tempo and Trust

I sat down to expand on an idea that came up in conversation on my podcast today: the relationship of time and trust. And I got stuck. Stuck…

Doodling in the dark at TEDx Peachtree

Today I went to the second annual TEDx Peachtree event. TEDx are locally-organized events in the spirit of the TED Conference. I thought I would try something new…

Right Brain resurgent

So where are the posts, David? Yes friends, I’ve been a little delinquent in my writing, but inspired today by a post written by the awesome Fabeku, I…